Ludlow (South Cadys) OBMS/CFMS Field Trip
April 8-9, 2006

by Bob Fitzpatrick

Photos and Report by Randy

p 29
Pic 29

Pic 29 is my very first ever lapdary project. It has been shaped but not polished yet. I adjusted the colors to try to match the actual sample. I think this is a good one for 2 reasons:

  • As a geophysicist I have had geological training and i learned to look for the small indications.
  • As a former hunter I learned to look for the PIECE of the animal. A hoof, or tail, or eyes, not the whole creature. (Im past the killing thing now.)

So I looked for the best pink I could find in little pieces of float. It was a virgin part of the hillside, although from the google earth sattelite images I think I can delineate a zone of overall alteration, and some others within 3/4 mile.

I also know that you have to get below the soil to unweathered rock. So at that spot I started to dig. Fortunatey, what I thought was another float rock was a bit of native outcrop, about 3 inches under the surface. I dug here and found the piece you see and some other 10-20 pound ones that I could get with a rock hammer and no other tools. I guess I have accepted being a pack mule years ago to get samples back to camp.

I remember the location and we could get some serious samples if we go back with a 5' pry bar, a 12'' gad and a sledge; assuming we cant use a drill and explosives [legally] (I was a registered blaster years ago in geophysics, but now I would guess you need an act of God and a note from Geo Bush to buy anything explosive).

I estimate this sweet spot from the float to be about 6' N/S by 2' E/W, maybe 3 ft deep. Again, just an educated guess. I know that metamorhpic alteration usually comes from depth, so the depth may be more that I estimate; but who wants to get into hard rock mining ?

Best Regards

Ludlow (South Cadys) OBMS/CFMS Field Trip Update
April 8-9, 2006

by Anthony Ferran

This was a great outing: a beautiful place, plenty of great rocks, easy access, and friendly group.

It is encouraging to have a local club the OBMS, partner with CMFS to deliver great results.

Thanks to both organizations, Bob Fitzpatrick, Al Carrell and Emma Couveau.

I found a nice collection of green thulite with some pink spay, some agates and delicate small chalcedony crystals.

Did any one else find mostly pink thulite, and other interesting rocks?

It was great to meet with some old friends and make new acquaintances. For the first time I actually got to know Flint (from my own club CCRMC) who was sharing the adventure with his family and even found a praying mantis. It was great to see many children enjoying the outdoors, and having fun with their parents and new friends.

In the evening while enjoying the tales around the campfire I noticed Claudia and Linus (?) getting ready to hunt for fluorescent materials with UV lights. I got an invite to join the party, and it was a real treat. Thanks.

I am providing a link to some of the photos taken that day. I am only posting a few pictures , since some of them may be used by Eva on an upcoming story. Writer meets photographer… Ah Ah ! Eva is the San Diego lady rockhounder who writes Part I, Part II … stories on LAROCK. There is a picture of her with a nice dog.

I believe the CCRMC and Sierra Pelona are working making similar coordinated rockhounding trips with CFMS, so stay tuned for news . I had a great time, and I am certainly looking forwards to the next adventure.

Happy Easter and Holiday week!

Anthony F