CFMS Field Trip

by Adam Dean and Shep Koss
CFMS Field Trip South Co-Chairs - 2008, 2009

The day started out beautifully. The weather was prefect (except for the wind). Everyone met up in Ludlow as planned and everyone was on time. We caravanned down National Trails Highway and made our way to the Lavic collecting site. As we neared the collect area, we headed down a sandy wash and thatís when the excitement started. We had two trucks stuck in the sand! We were so close, we decided to go rockhounding and come back to get the vehicles unstuck. Everyone worked together and we carpooled anyone without 4x4 drive with the more able trucks. We had a great time! The wind had died down around the area and we were able to enjoy our hunting. We collected for a few hours and found some nice jaspers. After we got the group back together, we headed back to the stuck vehicles. A few of the guys got together and towed the trucks back to the road. Then we headed to the South Cadyís were Shep lead the group collecting along the Power Line Road. Many found nice calcites and agates. All in all, it was a great day!

Best wish and better agates,

Adam Dean
O.B.M.S. Federation Director & CFMS
Co-Field Trip Leader Southern California

Eighteen vehicles of all types containing about 45 rockhounders met in Ludlow on April 25 for the field trip to Lavic Siding to hunt for some of the Mojave's most stunning jasper. After orientation, waiver sign ins and samples being examined we headed towards Pisgah Crater on old Route 66 to pick up the railroad maintenance road to head back east towards Lavic Road and the jasper fields.

And there was plenty of jasper to go around in all forms! We found them in brecciated, ribbon, flow patterns veined with chalcedony in blacks, blues and whites and coated with druzies. The jasper was found in every shade of the rainbow and most was multi-hued from tumble-sized pieces to small watermelons. We found them as float on hilltops and ravines.

The day was sunny, breezy and mildly warm as we wandered for hours filling our buckets and bags with choice pieces. If we spent all month doing this we couldn't have collected all we saw. Also found were smaller opal pieces on creams and pinks as well as dendritic agates and some pale Mojave blues.

Afterwards, while many left to head home, many others left for other material the Cady Mountain area has to offer with some heading for the agate seams along Broadwell Dry Lake or along pole line road for other jaspers, agates and calcite rhombs of all sizes.

All in all a good day with little incident, no snakes and only a couple of trucks stuck in sand. There was lots of shared companionship.

Now on to May's Great Onyx Hunt.

Shep Koss

Lavic Siding Lavic Siding
Lavic Siding Lavic Siding
Lavic Siding Lavic Siding
Lavic Siding Lavic Siding
Lavic Siding Lavic Siding
Lavic Siding Lavic Siding

Pre Trip Information!

This trip is open to all rockhounds that agree to abide by the AFMS Code of Ethics, the directions of the field trip leader, and practice safe rockhounding. A Consent and Assumption of Risk Waiver of Liability form must be signed upon arriving at the campsite.

WHEN: Saturday April 25, 2009 (Day Trip). 10 a.m.

WHERE: Lavic Siding

MEET: At the hotel/restaurant parking lot in Ludlow south of I-40 for orientation and sign in.

From the meeting spot we will caravan west to a safe crossing over the tracks then make a number of stops.

SPONSORS: CFMS Field Trip South Co-Chairs

LEADERS: Adam Dean and Shep Koss

WHAT TO BRING: Collecting bags/buckets, rock hammer, and spray bottles. This is the heart of the Mojave but weather can be unpredictabl this time of year so dress accordingly.

MATERIAL TO COLLECT: We will be collecting the world famous Lavic jasper which can come in a multitude of colors and can be brecciate, layered or solid with veins of white, black or blue agate. The jasper has been found in reds, blacks, yellows, goldís, greens, purples, or any combination and range from tumble sized to football sized. Most found as float.

This site covers a vast area between the Pisgah Crater lava fields, the railroad tracks and the dry lake. We will explore various spots here. Other materials at this site may include agates and jaspers with sections of multi-shaded pink opal.

Nearby is Pisgah Crater, a young volcano with an extensive lava field.

BRING LUNCH: This widespread field offers no shade. Gas and food available in Ludlow.

ROADS: While the roads are basically traversable in most high clearance sedans, high clearance trucks and SUVs highly recommended.

FOR STAYOVERS: This general area also offers the southern Cadyís for a wide variety of material, a nearby obsidian field, Dish Hill for peridot, trilobites and the Hector Hills for chalcedony, opal & agate. Bring your rock collecting guides. For these other sites 4wd recommended but high clearance mandatory. Stayovers may camp at a number of undeveloped sites or at the hotel in Ludlow.

TREAT THE DESERT WITH RESPECT: Please help protect our deserts, tread lightly, and pack-out what you packed-in!

All those attending the collecting trips will be required to fill out a Liability Waiver form.

For further information, please contact:
Adam Dean @ (909) 489-4899 or e-mail him:
Shep Koss @ (661) 248-0411 (land line) or e-mail:

You should contact us if your interested in participating, The weather can change and without knowing if your going or not we won't be able to give you updates or notify you if the field trip gets cancelled.