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CFMS Field Trips

CFMS sponsored field trips are available to members who abide by the AFMS Code of Ethics.
To Attend or Share of a field trip, please refer to the information below.

Date: Description: Field Trip Host & Sponsor:
April 11 - 14, 2019 Topaz Mt. & Dugway Geode Beds, UT, for Topaz Crystals, Bixbite (Red Beryl), Pseudobrookite crystals, Hematite crystals, and Geodes.   Sign-up required.   DETAILS

Ref. Field Trip Difficulty Scale

CFMS Field Trips-North,
sponsored by Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society
If you would like to attend a field trip, be sure to follow the details in the field trip write-up about the basics (where, when, material, etc.) and note what the terrain, driving conditions and other factors might be.  Follow the request by the field trip leader about how to sign up for the trip. Do NOT just show up! Occasionally trips need to be canceled due to weather or other conditions, etc; also time, locations, etc, might have to be changed. Therefore, the field trip leader needs to be able to conveniently contact the people who plan to attend.
Field trips are needed to share with other societies/clubs in your area. As you are planning field trips, consider sharing them with other rockhounds if the locale is appropriate. Your club does not have to share all of its field trips, but it would be great if you could share some of them.

Sharing field trips will provide the opportunity for more trips, to learn about new and different collecting sites and have a greater variety of locations. It is also a great way to make new rockhound friends.

NOTE: The best and fastest way to attend or submit field trip information is by e-mail  (see CFMS Field Trip Chairpersons and Forms below)

To host a shared field trip, please contact one of these CFMS Field Trip Co-chairs in your region:
 Northern California & Nevada trips:
 Southern California & Nevada trips:
   Jim Barton, CFMS FT North Chairman    Adam Dean, CFMS FT South Co-Chairman Roy Isaac, CFMS FT South Co-chairman 
  Jim Barton, Chairman
  (916) 847-7321
  Adam Dean, Co-Chairman
  (909) 489-4899

Roy Isaac, Co- Chairman
(818) 633-3350

  PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION - you can use the Field Trip Information Forms below

Your society name
Field trip dates
Field trip location
Field trip Leader name, contact information including latest time to contact.
Material to be collected.
When and where to initially meet
We suggest that directions to the specific collection site(s) NOT be included in the general description. Details should be given at the meeting site.
Camping and/or other accommodations in the area.
Special vehicle requirements (4-wheel, high clearance, etc., ride sharing possibilities for difficult areas, etc.)
Unusual driving conditions (steep, difficult terrain, sand, water crossings)
Equipment/tool recommendations for the particular material to be collected in the area.
Reminder about food, water, general clothing type required for climate of area
Safety concerns (snakes, insects,shade availability, elevation, weather conditions for time of year, etc.)
Insurance: The Federation's insurance policy automatically provides liability insurance coverage for Federation members at announced, sponsored club field trips. You may be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance or Additional Insured Endorsement to property owners; if so, please go to the Federation's web site under Insurance Forms for a copy of the request form.
Informed Consent/Assumption of Risk/Waiver of Liability form: To be signed before beginning the field trip or activity.
See the Forms for additional ideas and add whatever is important details that attendees to know about your particular trip.
Reminder about leaving a clean area...
Have a safe and successful collecting trip!

Please use the following forms to send your field trip information to CFMS Chairpersons.  Consider using these forms to communicate field trip information to your society members as well:
  • Field Trip Information Form* - html   Just copy & paste into your computer software. Ok to use you club's header and modify for your group.
  • Field Trip Difficulty Rating Scale** - pdf   Helps members know more about site accessibility.
     *Courtesy of Co-op Field Trip Chairmen's Association ("Co-op")  
    **Courtesy of GPA via Co-op