Founded June 28, 1987 by CFMS Directors in Convention, Turlock, California

The CFMS Endowment Fund was formed to provide a stable source of income to financially assist the programs and services the CFMS provides to its members. All donations remain as principal and only earnings are available for distribution to the CFMS. The Fund is open to receive most types of assets. (Non-cash items will be converted to cash as is prudent. Donating appreciated assets offers a charitable tax deduction without Capital Gains Tax).

Fund Categories:

Patron Society: A Society or Club having donated $100 plus $1 per member is given special recognition on a Patron Honor Plaque that is on display during CFMS shows and other events.

Patron: A person (may be a couple) having donated $100 or more. Also has name(s) posted on the Patron Honor Plaque and receives a Booster Pin.

Booster: A person having donated $25 to the Fund. The Booster pin, which was designed by Chuck Davis, is given to any person upon donating $25 to the Fund.

The Endowment Fund benefits the now generation and generations to come. Join in and support the Earth Sciences by sending in your check or pledge in support of the CFMS Endowment Fund.

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Mail to:    Pat LaRue
P.O. Box 1657
Rialto, CA. 92377-1657

All gifts to the CFMS Endowment Fund are tax deductible as allowed by law