CFMS Manuals & Reference

  1.  CFMS Visual Programs Catalog - htm
  2.  Podium People & Speakers Directory - htm
  3.  Demonstrator's Directory - htm
  4.  Society Aids Manual,  2002  (pdf)
      a. Federation Directors' Duties - excerpt  (pdf)
      b. Part II - New Club Organization  (htm)
 5.  CFMS Officers & Chairmen's Manual,   April 2014 Update  (pdf)
 6.  CFMS Show Manual, Oct. 2014 Update  (pdf)
  7.  AFMS Uniform Rules (Rules reside on the AFMS Web Site)
  8.  2017 CFMS Supplementary Rules - (pdf)
  9.  2017 Safety Manual (Coming Soon)   
10. Reference Pages for Junior Program (AFMS site links):
  a. Starting a Junior Program
  b. Future Rockhounds of America Badge Program
11. Menu of Kids Show Activities & Display Ideas (pdf)
12.  CFMS Brochure  (pdf)
13. CFMS Publicity Manual  (pdf)
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