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Visual Program Order Form
About Ordering Programs from the CFMS Visual Program Library:
Order programs a minimum of 30 days in advance of showing date. The fee for each program is $10.00.
  • If ordering by mail, please enclose check or money order payable to CFMS for the cost of program(s)
  • If you order by email or telephone, plan to pay the fee IN ADVANCE.
  • For additional information please email or call (702) 499-0272
    Please rewind video tapes. Return slides in the slide box, in their proper order (for the next viewing), not more than seven (7) days after the program is presented.
    We are striving to provide good service to all societies. In connection with this effort there will be a C/S (Critique/Suggestion) Form sent with your program. Please complete this form and return it with the program.
    Thank you,
    Sharon Rogow,   CFMS Visual Programs Chair
    Mailing Address:   PO Box 35078, Las Vegas, NV 89133
    PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION.  We suggest that you fill in the form, print the page so you have a record copy, then use the "Submit" button to send it to the Librarian.
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    Form updated 03/16