VoL XXXVI, No. 11--- December 1999

CFMS Newsletter

Table of Contents

President's Message .............................................. Ken Kruschke
Gold & Gem Show ................................................. Pat LaRue
A Smile ................................................................. from Amador Nugget
Membership Recognition ......................................... Colleen Megann
Historian's Report ................................................... Shirley Leeson
Wiley Well District Field Trip ................................... Richard Pankey
Earth Science Studies ............................................ Committee
Practice Safety with rocks and minerals ................... Richard Pankey
Frosted Glass ........................................................ from The Conglomerate
Junior Activities Report ........................................... Jim Brace-Thompson
FRA Membership Application .................................. Form
Great Programs...................................................... Marion Fowler
Club/Society Officers Change Form ......................... Form
Club/Society Dues and Insurance Forms .................. Form
CFMS Newsletter Subcription................................... Form
Earth Angle (Poem)................................................. Wayne Mills


By Ken Kruschke, CFMS President
CFMS President

About five years ago I was approached to run for CFMS Treasurer. - I had never even thought about holding an office in the CFMS. Traveling, Rockhounding and Competitive Exhibiting were keeping me busy. I had mixed feelings about it. Because there were (and still are) lots of projects on my list of things to do, I wasn't sure of my qualifications for the task and felt surely there must be others that would be better choices than I. Also, I wondered how much effort and time would be required.

After obtaining some answers to my questions and with many discussions with my wife, I said OK. I'll take my turn at it.

These years have been a challenge and a real education in the workings of the CFMS. In an age of "What's in it for me?", there are many rockhounds that are giving of their time, effort, special knowledge and talents to advance activities. This includes prospecting for and collecting materials, the working with and displaying, the dissemination of educational material covering the many facets of our endeavors and many other areas too numerous to mention here. One of the real strengths of the CFMS is the great diversity of its members. When a new problem surfaces, there is always someone stepping forward to help out.

The banding together of rock clubs to form a Federation has been good for all of us. There are many benefits available for the member rock clubs. Of course not everything offered is good for every club, but there are some benefits for all. When viewed objectively, membership in the CFMS is a real privilege.

Time has passed and now my watch is almost to an end. Before I turn in my soapbox, I have a few comments to make. When you are asked by the nominating committee to run for an office, do it. They won't ask unless they think you can do the job. The CFMS needs good people to do our work. The tasks are challenging and do take time and effort. Many times as you are working for the CFMS you will feel ten feet tall, and there may be a few times you will ask yourself, "Why, Oh Why did I say yes." But in the end, the fact that you did the job gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Before I fade away, I would like to thank all those that worked along side me and to all of you for the opportunity to serve out great organization.


August 4, 5, 6, 2000
Riverside Convention Center
Hosted by Valley Prospectors

By Pat LaRue
Exhibit/Registration Chair


We are in the final countdown to the beginning of the new millennium. At the same time we are beginning the countdown to the first CFMS Convention and Show to be held in the new millennium. The host club continues hard at work planning the various details which go into the planning of such an event.

The Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs received their information packets at the Fall Business Meeting in Visalia. Any clubs which did not have a representative present at that meeting will receive their packet either in the mail or from a person living nearby, willing to deliver it in person. Registration and exhibit entry forms will be republished in a future issue of the CFMS Newsletter. The CFMS Webmaster will also post these same forms to the CFMS website. If, for any reason, you still don't obtain the needed information, contact me by telephone or e-mail and the requested item will be mailed to you as quickly as possible.

We are planning a massive outreach to the schools in the Riverside area in an effort to capture the interest of not only the kids, but also their parents. Friday will be the designated "kids day" for school groups to visit the show. Isabella Burns consented to organize the effort and put out the word to the school districts in the Riverside area.

CFMS Committee Chairs who would like to request a table to promote the activities of his/her committee should reserve space as soon as possible. It is okay for committees to share a table if desired. We have the use of two lecture rooms on the upper level for workshops. Any committee or special interest group wishing to sponsor a workshop in conjunction with the show must reserve space no later than March 31. A portion of one room will be used by the Rules Committee all day Friday and Saturday; the other portion will be used by the Executive Committee on Friday afternoon. Please contact either Isabella Burns or me with your needs as soon as known.

See you in Riverside!


from "The Rock Bag ", "Amador Nugget" via "Facts and Facets" 11 /99

A SMILE ....costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. A smile creates happiness in the home ....fosters good will in business and ....is the countersign of friendship.


By Colleen Megann

I thank all the clubs who have participated this year in recognizing their special club members. Our clubs are made up of our membersand without them, we would not be able to continue. Take time this next year to celebrate your friendships and activities and remember those hard working dedicated rockhounds among us who continue to keep geology alive for the next generation. The recommendations I receive now will be listed in the Year 2000. Happy New Year to all, and keep having fun with rocks.

The Boulder Gem Club presents Marge and Bill Blockley, members since 1988. Marge has served as President, Bulletin Editor for 10 years, and demonstrates at our club show. Bill has served as Vice President, President, Program Chairman, and has done maintenance of our workshop equipment since 1990. We are happy they share their talents with us.
Submitted by Grant Ewers, Fed. Director

The Santa Cruz Mineral & Gem Society presents Hal and Billie Williamson, long time friendship ambassadors for Santa Cruz Society. They joined the club in 1972, take active and responsible roles in the annual shows and for 12 years made all the trophies given to exhibitors. They exhibited Hal's beautiful channel work at many other shows in the California Federation, where they enjoyed meeting members of the other societies and clubs, inviting them to exhibit at Santa Cruz; thus bringing local members a wider circle of special friends with interests in common. Hal has celebrated his 90th birthday this year.
Submitted by Marion Fowler, Fed. Director


By Shirley Leeson, Historian

This is the end of a very successful year. We now have a binder with pictures of all the Past Presidents and Golden Bear Awardees. Except for one -- HOWELL LOVELL. He was from the Gem and Mineral Society of San Mateo. If anyone has a picture of Howell, please make a copy for me... Additional information on each of the above people is on-going and research is slow. Obituaries are being put with those who have gone on. It has been a pleasure putting all these things together. It has made me more aware of those people who have gone on before all of us and who have had such an impact on how the a CFMS has evolved...

Club pins are coming along and the ones I already have were shown at the Fall Business Meeting in Visalia.

Club bulletins are coming in and will be shown at the Show and Convention next year at Riverside, and then will be filed.

Earth Science books and magazines that have been donated to the Historical Reference Library have been identified in the CFMS Newsletters.

A list of Directors who attended the Convention meeting has been noted in the bulletin and is now in the historical files. (The Fall Business Meeting Directors will be in a later newsletter, due to time constraints.)

Many thanks to those who have helped me.

Wiley Well District Field Trip
January 31 - February 4, 2000
Hosted by CFMS Field Trip Chairman - North

By Richard Pankey, Field Trips - North (2000)

In the November CFMS Newsletter, I published an announcement flier that can be copied and distributed to club members interested in attending this trip. The collecting trips for Thursday and Friday were listed as "To be announced". Well, I am pleased to announce that we now have two interesting sites for our collecting, thanks to the help of Michael Peterson. The first is a new spot near Clapp Springs. According to Michael, "the material is `unidentified', but cabs and spheres beautifully!" The second spot is a petrified wood and fossil area on the Arizona side of the Colorado River across from Palo Verde. So, as of now, we have scheduled 5 days of collecting in and around the Wiley Well District.

At recent Federation Directors meetings and in CFMS Newsletter articles, Jim Strain, Public Lands Advisory Chair, has kept us informed about several issues effecting the Wiley Well District. Jim has been working with BLM officials to get the Hauser Bed set aside as a "Rockbound Educational and Recreational Area". Jim is making arrangements for some BLM people to join us during our trip. Jim and the BLM people will give us some campfire talks about the plans for the Hauser Beds and other topics effecting the area.

To help me plan and accommodate all who will attend this trip, please call, write or e-mail me with your "reservation". Since our insurance situation was resolved, this trip is open to members and guests. Start now to make your plans to join us, whether for a day, a few days or the whole week, at the Wiley Well District.


By The Committee:
Izzie & Bill Burns
Ray & Florence Meisenheimer
Cal & Dee Clason

It is time to make plans for Spring Earth Science Studies at the Desert Studies Center on ZZYZX Road. The dates are April 9 - 16, 2000. To find the Center, take I-15 to ZZYZX Road near Baker. The Center is located about 4 miles down an unpaved road.

Lapidary Arts included are bead stringing, soft stone carving, study of fossils, cabochon making, silver smithing, and wire wrap. There will be field trips for sight seeing and some collecting. Interesting lectures and programs will fill up the evenings.

Three wholesome meals a day are provided, along with food on the field trips. Accomodations are adequate with bathroom facilities in a separate building nearby. There is adequate room for RVs.

The number of attendees is limited, so send in your application early. For a copy of the ZZYZX application form (Click Here). If you use a cane or walker, or crutches, please make a note of it on your application. The cost for a full, fun-filled week of learning and comradeship is $220.00 per person.

PRACTICE SAFETY with rocks and minerals

By Richard Pankey, Safety Chairman

In the past couple of months I have had several inquiries concerning hazard exposure when collecting or working with rocks and minerals. The 2 most common concerns are silicosis and asbestosis. Both of these conditions are caused by the inhalation of fine dust particles that cause damage to the lungs. Peter Girardot, Safety Chair for the SCFMS, had an excellent 3 part series titled "It's Just Dust Isn't It?" printed in the AFMS Newsletter in 1998. These are such fine articles I am not even going to try and paraphrase them. (I refer Club Safety Chairs, Shop Foremen and Bulletin Editors to the many fine Safety articles that are published in the AFMS Newsletters.)

However, there are more potential hazards from collecting and working with rocks and minerals than these two. These potential hazards are due to several factors:

  1. Dust generated when grinding, sanding and polishing rocks;
  2. Toxicity due to the presence's of metals;
  3. Toxicity due to chemical composition (arsenates, cyanates, etc.).

    The effects range from simple skin irritation or allergic reactions, to acute poisoning, to long term lung damage, and even in extreme circumstances death.

Now having said the above, I did not mean to scare anyone nor remotely suggest that we quit collecting and working with rocks and minerals. My purpose is that with awareness of potential hazards and dangers we can take the necessary steps to minimize or eliminate them. Our objective is to minimize our exposure to hazardous materials and hazardous environments.

    Some simple, basic principles:
  1. Minimize or eliminate dust and fumes.
    • Work in a well ventilated area, keep a window open and have plenty of fresh air.
    • Wear a dust mask (they are cheap and fairly comfortable).
    • Grind and sand with water.
    • Use an exhaust system.
  2. Don't lick specimens and rocks (in the field or in the shop); use a squirt bottle. A rock doesn't have to taste bad to be poisonous or harmful.
  3. Think before you act. Evaluate the situation for potential hazards and dangers.
    When collecting and working with rocks and minerals, think and PRACTICE SAFETY.


from "The Conglomerate" 10/98 via "Amador Nugget" 12/98

FROSTED GLASS: This is a simple way to decorate a glass vase or window for the holidays or other occasions. Add Epsom salts to a saucepan holding two cups of boiling water until no more salts will dissolve (makes a super-saturated solution). Add a few drops of liquid glue to help make the "frost" adhere to the glass. With a brush, apply the mixture to the outside of whatever you are decorating in whatever design you like. You can frost all over or make holly leaves, flowers, etc. The liquid will begin to evaporate at once and the crystals of the salts will look just like frost, but can be washed off later.

Enroll Your Juniors into
"Future Rockhounds of America (FRA)"

By Jim Brace-Thompson,
Juniors Chairman

Most clubs invite the children of members to join - in the fun as "pebble pups" or "junior members", but how many clubs actively promote interest among their youth? To have a successful youth program, there are many things to be considered; for instance:

  • Should there be a separate meeting just for youth during or before the regular club meeting?
  • What activities should be provided?
  • What supplies will be needed?
  • Should juniors create their own newsletter or have a special section of the club's regular newsletter written by juniors, for juniors?
  • Should the kids have their own officers (for instance, a juniors' president and/or juniors' newsletter correspondent)?
  • How can kids best help at the annual show in an organized fashion?
  • How should achievers be recognized (plaques, certificates, nice specimens, and an award ceremony at a club picnic or holiday dinner)?

If you haven't thought about questions like these, you likely aren't providing an atmosphere that's truly engaging your club's youth and keeping them interested and involved.

To help increase such involvement, a "Junior Clubs" committee was added to the AFMS in 1984 under the direction of then AFMS President Bill Cox. In 1985, Bill coined the name "Future Rockhounds of America" (FRA) and designed a certificate to be given to junior clubs who became members of FRA, which was to become the officially sanctioned AFMS Youth Program. Unfortunately, FRA gradually fell by the wayside -- that is, until this year!

At the urging of Northwest Federation Juniors Program Chair Sue Holland, it has been reactivated under the guidance of Bob and Kathy Miller, the AFMS Junior Programs Chairmen. Thus far, a half dozen clubs have enrolled their pebble pups and junior members.

The only requirement for obtaining FRA membership is to be organized and sponsored by a Federation club. There are no special dues to pay. To enroll your pebble pups or junior members, all you need is a group of interested - kids, a sponsor, a name, and an application to FRA. The number of youth is not important. You can have as few as 2 and as many as you can handle! To join, just fill out the application on the next page for your CFMS Juniors Chair to forward to the AFMS.

Rocks Sought for Melissa Grow

I've received an e-mail message from 6th grader Melissa Grow. She's doing a 4-H project on rock, mineral, gem, and fossil collecting and trying to get as many people as possible to help her in her project, "To show all the interesting things out there under our feet if you just do a little searching and digging." Let's show this little girl from Iowa what the California Federation is made of and help her out! Please encourage members in your club to send specimen samples (labeled with the name of the rock or fossil and its locality) to:

Melissa Grow
2302 U Avenue
Rippey, IA 50235-7022

Her e-mail address is: ruthgrow@aol.com

Here's your chance to directly inspire one youth with the fun of our hobby and the generosity of our spirit!


For a copy of the following Application for Membersip in the future rockhounds of America (Click Here)


NAME OF YOUTH GROUP: ________________________________________________

SPONSORING ADULT CLUB: ______________________________________________

FEDERATION: Calif. __ Eastern __ MW __ S.Central __ SE __ Rocky Mtn __ NW __

CONTACT PERSON (adult coordinator): ______________________________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________



Attach a sheet including a brief description, i.e., participation at general meetings, club shows, field trips, and other activities. This information is requested to assist the AFMS Junior Programs Chair in writing articles regarding FRA activities for the AFMS Newsletter.

After completing this questionnair, please forward it to:

        Jim Brace-Thompson
        CFMS Junior Activities Chairman
        7319 Eisenhower Street
        Ventura, CA 93003.

Upon receipt, the AFMS Juniors Chair will process your certificate and welcome your junior members as Future Rockhounds of America. Don't just pay lip service to encouraging the next generation of rockhounds --- take an active role, and, as always, have fun!

For a copy of the above Application for Membersip in the future rockhounds of America (Click Here)


By Marion Fowler,
Program Aids Chairman

New Podium Person! Save This In Your Podium People Binder

GLENN LEHRER, G. G. (415) 461-2212
1137 Magnolia Avenue
Larkspur CA 94939-1042

Fee: $75
Equip. needed: Slide projector and screen
Length of program: About 1 hour
Advance notice needed: 4 - 6 months
Area traveled: One hour's drive from Marin County

Glenn Lehrer is one of America's top gemstone designers, receiving international acclaim. He is known for his diversity of cutting styles and gemstone materials. His styles vary from free organic motif in agates and precious opals to precise faceted fantasy cut gemstones in amethyst, garnet, tourmaline and sapphires.


The birth of American gemstone carving and designing is only 15 years old. In Europe it has been a guild tradition for 500 years. You will have an opportunity to see how lapidary, the art of gem carving, has played a major role in the past and the future in jewelry design. A slide presentation will show this new form emerging with its own unique style and innovation. From an inside view of Mr. Lehrer's work studio you will experience first hand what it takes to carve a gemstone, from conception, design, actual carving and finishing. Mr. Lehrer's work will also be presented.

In his talk Mr. Lehrer will share first hand and present slides on what it took to create Bahia, currently the world's largest gemstone sculpture, which he completed with fellow gem designer Lawrence Stoller. In 1997 Bahia hung in the main foyer of the Gemological Institute of America's world headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Currently it is hanging at the Camegie Museum in Pittsburgh PA.

Start off Y2K right by turning in a Program Report for Y1999. The blank form was in the November CFMS Newsletter. Your recommendations of speakers and demonstrators, accompanied by their addresses and/or telephone numbers, have resulted in our directory of Podium People. The speaker above was recommended by Peter Slone, Culver City Rock and Mineral Club, with the comment, "Excellent! One of the best I've seen".

Guest Speakers: What's In It For Our Society? Although getting a good guest speaker may sometimes cost your society or club a substantial sum, a program featuring a special speaker is an excellent opportunity for attracting new members and waking up "old" ones, but you have to let them know what's about to happen that's special and when and where. Create some flyers about the program and get active members to distribute them several weeks in advance to libraries, museums, jewelry or outdoor sports stores, local classes in jewelry making or earth sciences, and any other likely places. If you have a one-sheet brochure about your club or society, you may want to attach each flyer to one of these. Give your bulletin Editor enough information about the program (possibly a copy of the flyer) to make the monthly program announcement intriguing to members, too. Include a small, simple illustration, if possible, to make the announcement memorable.

CFMS Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000

For a copy of the following CFMS Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000 (Click Here)

Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000

Director: Please provide us with the information we ask for below. To insure your club/society listing in the annual roster, we must have this information on or before March 31 of the current year. Please note that your club/society permanent mailing address as well as one (1) telephone/e-mail contact will be published. If you wish that addresses of members not be published, simply send me only the addresses of those members who are designated- to receive the Newsletter.

Please provide ZIPcode plus 4 for those designated to receive the Newsletter

Society Name & Address: ____________________________________________________

Telephone/E-Mail: ___________________________________________________________

Pres.: _____________________________________________________________________

V.P.: ______________________________________________________________________

Sec.: ______________________________________________________________________

Treas.: _____________________________________________________________________

Fed. Director: ________________________________________________________________

Alt. Fed. Dir.: ________________________________________________________________

Editor: ______________________________________________________________________

Programs: ___________________________________________________________________

Field Trips: __________________________________________________________________

Meeting Place: _______________________________________________________________

Day & Time of Meeting: ________________________________________________________

Bulletin: _____________________________________________________________________

Number of Members: ____

Junior Members: ( ) Yes ( ) No

Each Club/Society is entitled to three (3) free copies of the CFMS Newsletter. We like to send one (1) copy to the Federation Director at his/her house with all Federation mail. One (1) copy to the Bulletin Editor and the third copy to whomever you wish to receive it. Please mark the appropriate name above.

All Federation Mail and one (1) copy of the Newsletter sent to - please mark the appropriate name above.

Signed: _____________________________ Phone/e-mail __________________________

Please send this completed form to:
        Renata Bever,
        Exec. Sec./Treas. CFMS
        P. O. Box 489
        Patton, CA 92369-0489
        Phone: 909-885-3918 E-Mail: calfedmin@msn.com

For a copy of the above CFMS Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000 (Click Here)


For a copy of the following Club/Society Dues and Insurance Forms (Click Here)


$4.50 PER MEMBER FOR 2000

CFMS Dues: $1.50 per member ------ Insurance: $3.00 per member

Society: _____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Treasurer: ___________________________________________________

We have _______ members and I have enclosed a check for:$ _______ and a list of
members as of 12-31-99

Make check payable to C.F.M.S.
Send to:
        Renata Bever
        P. Box 489
        Patton, CA 92369-0489

For insurance certificate write to:
        Laura Grayson,
        1644 E. Tejon Ct.
        Camarillo, CA 93010

For a copy of the above Club/Society Dues and Insurance Forms (Click Here)


For a copy of the following CFMS Newsletter Subscription Form (Click Here)

CFMS Newsletter

Newsletter Subscription        $5.50 per Calendar Year (Not Prorated)

Please include your ZIPCode plus 4 for mailing efficiency.

New ____ Renewal ____

Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State ____ Zip+4 __________

Club/Society: ___________________________________________________

Make check payable to C.F.M.S,
and send to:
        Renata Bever,
        Exec. Sec./Treas
        P. O. Box 489
        Patton, CA 92369-0489

For a copy of the above CFMS Newsletter Subscription Form (Click Here)


By Wayne Mills, member Orcutt Mineral Society

This poem was originally published in The Orcutt News in January 1997. Due to the many wonderful couples I met at Camp Paradise this year, I would like to rededicate it to the great couples of AFMS-CFMS who make our hobby such an exciting, inspiring and educational one.

Special recognition to Flo and Ray, Bill and Izzy, Dee and Cal, Bruno and Opal, Harold and Leona, Wes and Jeannie, Don and Sylvia, Chuck and Kay, Buck and Maybe and the many others who have helped make this hobby a delight for myself and countless others.

                        Earth Angel
By Wayne Mills, member
Orcutt Mineral Society

We'll walk the green hills hand in hand
and share the beauty of the land.
We'll sleep with stars bright overhead,
we'll have such fun..." her young man said.

Forsaking comforts of their home
they mountains, fields and deserts roam.
Discovering treasures where they lay
in streams, on beaches or in hardened clay.
Turquoise blue, carnelian red
in boxes, bins or `neath the bed.
As years go by their treasures mount -
the joy within, their jewels about.

And oft with practiced eye she notes
with pride (and mirth)
the heavy load her husband totes.
For agate, bone or fossil wood
he scours the Earth
to find a prettier piece of higher worth.
And looks at opal with a lustful eye
and fondles tools he'd like to buy.

She works to weariness to show
she wants to help his hobby grow.
And with any luck she's found
that they both share common ground
in loving Nature and her productions
that to him becomes seduction -
"Just one more facet on this fascinating rock..."
(forget the slowly ticking clock,
or dinner burning on the range...
“That man will never change... ! ”

But let us pray he doesn't miss a chance to say -
of all the gems he has in facets, cab and sphere
His precious wife's the one he holds most dear.